2018 Easter Picnic

April 8, 2018, Santa Monica, CA - Georgian Cultural and Educational Center of Souther California thanks everyone who came to Clover Park in Santa Monica to celebrate Orthodox Easter. We would not be able to have a fun event without each and every one of you.


March 15, 2018, Encino, CA - The Georgian Cultural and Educational Center of Southern California is pleased to announce an upcoming event. Please join us to celebrate Orthodox Easter on April 8, 2018, at Clover Park in Santa Monica, CA.

501(c)(3) Status

December 27, 2018, Encino, CA - We are pleased to announce that we received a 501(c)(3) determination from the Internal Revenue Services. The effective date of the exemption is October 30, 2017. Our donors can deduct their contributions to our organization under IRC 170. Please check with your tax professional to determine whether your donation is tax deductible.

Did you know we are a non-profit organization and your donation may be tax deductible?* We appreciate a donation of any amount!

Are you a Georgian artist, musician, filmmaker, or a designer that wants to showcase your work in Southern California? We are more than happy to work with you!


Our organization was founded on October 30, 2017, in Los Angeles, California, by a group of like-minded professionals, with a goal of promoting and preserveing Georgian culture and heritage through various educational activities, classes, concerts, exhibitions, cultural fairs, and other events.


The Georgian Cultural and Educational Center of Southern California (GCEC) is a project long in the making and dear to our hearts, and one we are very excited to share! Through public diplomacy, engagement, and sincere dedication, GCEC’s mission is to connect people of Georgian origin to each other, to their roots, and to the community at large. We aim to celebrate, preserve and share in the joys of Georgian culture while performing the important function of increasing mutual understanding between this small community and the diverse body that is Southern California. This aim requires (1) building a stronger sense of community among Georgians living in California, (2) encouraging active participation of the community members, and (3) helping Georgian immigrants understand and integrate into American civil society.

The GCEC is nascent but fiercely committed to expanding its activity and scope in pursuit of the above-stated goal. As it grows, GCEC aims to lead the organization of community events, concerts, exhibits, and lectures presenting aspects of Georgia to be shared with and celebrated by compatriots of all nationalities. In the future, we see GCEC offering not only Georgian dance and singing lessons for children and adults, but also reviving the Sunday school where children could learn a rich history, language, and literature of a small but mighty nation which might otherwise escape them.

We acknowledge that this is a complex task, but we are genuinely confident that by taking on a leadership role, increasing discourse and engagement, and integrating every member of this community into the mission of GCEC, we will build a strong community that makes California stronger. After all, we wholeheartedly stand by Georgia’s motto: Strength is in Unity.


Salome Gasviani


Irma Gvilia


Mikhail Mdinaradze

Director/Vice President

Maka Obolashvili


Nino Sanikidze

Director/Vice President